Get to know me

Ginger, Your Instructor

I qualified as a Silva Method Instructor in Great Britain in 2020. I organise and teach classes of the original Silva Foundation course (called BLS; Basic Lecture Series) in English in the Portsmouth region and online.

I’ve been teaching A-level Chemistry for the last ten years. Even before Covid,
I have noticed that more and more of my students had serious mental health issues such as depression, severe anxiety or self-harm. This inspired me to train up to be a Silva Method Instructor so I can
empower them and others to manage their anxiety and change their lives for the better as I know from personal experience just how much practicing these techniques can improve one’s mental health.

For some, accepting that thoughts are energy and they can have an impact
on the material world, including our bodies, is a challenge. I found it difficult
at first as I have a science-based background. But by keeping an open mind
and seeing the results for myself, I now know for a fact that our thoughts
have a huge effect on our health, wellbeing and our success in and enjoyment
of life.

I was born and raised in Hungary and gained a Chemical Engineering BSc and a Bioengineering MSc from the Technical University of Budapest. I came across the Silva Method and attended my first Silva course in Budapest in 1991. Later,
I had the good fortune to travel the world and live in several amazing countries. I spent time in Greece, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and the UK.

I was inspired by the positive impact the Silva Method was having on my life and became passionate about making the Silva Method widely known and helping people from all walks of life create a better future for themselves.

I get great satisfaction out of seeing my students succeed. What will YOUR successes be?

I love Jose Silva’s vision to help all living beings and leave the planet in better shape for future generations.

“You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow.” 

José Silva

My inspiration

Why do I teach the Silva Method?

When people have their challenges, they usually seek out a professional to help them solve their problems. While their help is often necessary and advisable, every time there is a new problem, they have to seek out new help.

I love that the Silva Method puts YOU in the driver’s seat and enables you to solve many of your problems yourself.

Using the Silva techniques had a profound effect on my mental and physical health. I learn’t to deal with stress in an organic way. I feel on an even keel and happy most of the time. My friends and colleagues commented on the positive change in my outlook on life.

I used to be on two types of high blood pressure medication, a maximum dose each. After meditating regularly for a couple of months, the medication was halved. I know my liver is grateful that I took up meditation.

I had a major health challenge in 2021 and using the Silva techniques helped me through it big time. Going through cancer during the lockdown on my own would have scared and depressed me before. My family lives far away and my friends were bubbled with their own families, so all I had was phone contact with them. But I can honestly say, I hadn’t had a single day of doubt or desperation thanks to the Silva meditations. Some have said that the way I handled my cancer journey was inspirational. On the physical side, after having a lumpectomy, I did not need a single dose of painkillers as I stopped all pain using the techniques.

I am passionate about teaching the courses and enabling people to help themselves.

I love seeing my students succeed. When I teach the Silva courses and see the participants achieve their first successes I know I have given them something valuable for the rest of their lives.

“I am looking forward to giving you the tools that can help change your life for the better. What you do with the tools is up to you, but when you use them regularly, you can create a better life for yourself and your loved ones than you can possibly imagine right now.”

Ginger Csom