4-Day Life And Intuition Seminar

Your power to transform

This course offers the most effective and powerful way for you
to fully immerse yourself and experience the Silva Method over four days.

What’s in the course?

One of the best things about doing a Silva meditation is that you can practice it anywhere [busy airport, tube], and in even as little as 5 minutes it will still be effective.

One of the most important outcomes of doing this course is that you will feel genuinely happier, and be in better mental and physical health than before.

During the 4-day Silva Method course, you learn how to enter very powerful states of mind and instruct your subconscious directly. Similar to hypnosis but YOU are in the driving seat to train your body and mind that while your body is relaxed, and gets all the benefits of meditation, your mind stays sharp and focused on the outcomes you want. You do this by using visualisation, imagination, positive thinking, and dynamic meditation.

Students learn techniques that they can apply in all areas of their life for a positive outcome.

The course is sprinkled with success stories and scientific research that has been done to prove a lot of the claims that Jose Silva intuitively hypothesised over 60 years ago.

What will you learn during The Silva Method course [BLS]?

Day 1

You will learn about left and right brain attributes and the benefits of bi-cameral, or whole-brain, thinking. You will learn how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs. You will hear about the many ways stress can negatively affect your body and the many ways meditation can improve your mental and physical health. You also start learning how to relax in a specific way that you will later be able to use to your benefit.

You will have five guided meditations that cover deep relaxation as well as learn these techniques

  • Mental house cleaning
  • Sleep control
  • Clock technique
  • Awake control
  • Headache/Pain control
  • Dream control

Day 2

We will discuss how to do the exercises so they work most effectively for you.

You will have six guided meditations and will learn eight techniques.

  • Mental screen
  • Memory pegs
  • Three fingers
  • Glass of water
  • Mirror of the mind
  • Habit control
  • Hand levitation
  • Glove anaesthesia

Day 3

During days three and four, we work on developing your intuition. You will have six guided meditations on day three.

Day 4

By now you will be able to manage meditations by yourself. You still will have three guided meditations but will also spend about 45 minutes in the meditative state testing your intuition.

Up to 30 Hours Training

You will undertake conditioning exercises to learn to function at the alpha brain-level of mind [7-14Hz]. Learning this will give you superior influence over the subconscious mind.


Your power to transform

You will learn advanced and powerful techniques to create and transform every aspect of your life to create better health, personal success, happiness, accelerated learning, improved memory, focus, and concentration.

You will develop conscious control of your own mind. You will enhance your ability to use both hemispheres of the brain [bi-cameral thinking] which is key to being successful in any area of life.

The Silva Life and Intuition Immersion Experience –
The PREMIUM Package

We offer the most effective and powerful way for you to experience the Silva Self-MIND-CONTROL & INTUITION Seminar. This is the original, 4-day course as designed by Jose Silva.

Seating is limited in each location to the first 25 to register so that you get undivided attention; So Act Now, Make the Time, Select the Date from the Schedule and let the Process begin.

Time: 9:30AM to 7:00PM each day. Please note that the finish time of the seminar can be anytime after 6pm subject to questions and breaks.

Your Investment – Seminar One-Time Fee

It is not going to cost you £5,000.00 or even £2,000.00 BUT we have been told that it’s certainly worth more!

Seminar Registration
Silva Foundation Course BLS £600

Basic Lecture Series Graduate £75

Family and friends discount: When two to four people book together the fee per person is £500.
Graduate introducer discount: When a graduate introduces a full-paying new student, they can repeat the course for free when they attend together

Dr Wayne Dyer:

“I urge people to attend the Silva Method”
“Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one.”